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STEP #1 - Start with an ASSESSMENT of where you are today.

Readiness Survey


Start by answering 10 simple questions about yourself that will give us a foundation of where you are from a nutrition and fitness standpoint.  We will respond within 24 hours.  Then the next step is to complete the HealthPrint ---->

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 Just as each of us have a unique fingerprint, we each have unique nutritional needs.

HealthPrint is a FREE 5-minute survey that will assess your unique nutritional needs with 20 quick questions, then email you the confidential results with recommended supplements in minutes.  It will also let you  know of any additional promotions on the solutions that best fits you.

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DNA Analysis


For those who really want full scoped, personalized health management starting with your specific DNA.  You choose the kit based on your goal...Weight Management, Healthy Aging, or Athletic Performance.

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