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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is Pure Fit Pal different?  
    • We created PureFitPal for those of you who want 1x1 attention with a custom meal plan & balanced workouts built for the average person who wants to be their best version of themselves.  We wanted it to be affordable, easily accessible, and attainable.

  • Why was it important to create PureFitPal?  
    • We know that wellness is not just one solution.  Fitness, meal planning, and supplementation together give you a better chance for success...but not everyone requires help in all 3 areas.  Therefore, we give you options.    Our job is to educate you and give you a balanced plan that works and is sustainable, so we try to incorporate exercise, meal plans, and supplementation to hit everything.  It works better when they are all 3 done simultaneously.  

  • What happens once I pay? 
    • You pay in advance for the package you select  by credit card or PayPal.   Once you pay,  you'll get an email from us within 24 hours based on the program you select, and we'll set up our initial consultation.

  • Once I sign up, can I cancel at any time?   
    • YES.  There is no contract, although once payment has been taken, you are required to complete the 3 month time-frame.  There are no refunds for days not used.

  • Can I speak to someone with any questions I may have about the program before I sign up?  
    • Absolutely.  Reach out us via purefitpal@gmail.com, and we'll set up a a time to chat.