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STEP #2 - Create a MEAL PLAN that works for you.

What all is involved in a custom meal plan? 

  • Devised based on your body and your goals.  No two meal plans are alike.   You'll know what/when/how much to eat,  broken down to the exact ounce of macros  (carbs, fats, proteins, water) along with adequate hydration levels, etc. 
  • You'll get a wide variety of foods so you will have plenty of options on how to get your macros.
  • We will recommend certain supplements/meal replacement shakes, etc that you can buy from us.  Those are not mandatory, but highly recommended because of how they will help you nutritionally reach your goals, have less food to prepare, and provide a quick meal.    That cost usually averages $3-$5 per day, but again...not mandatory.   
  •  As for the meal plans, the one time cost is just $150.  You can stay on that plan for as long as you want.  If you ever want us to write a new one or adjust it for you in the future, you just pay another $150.  Pretty simple. 


Meal Plan


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 Help me address any nutritional deficiencies, then create a meal plan with specific macros-nutrients that will work for me.  I'll handle my own workouts. 

  • Custom Nutrition & Meal Plan
  • Initial Coaching Consultation 1x1
  • Free HealthPrint Nutrition Evaluation
  • 24-hour email response from PureFitPal
  • 15% lifetime discount on all-natural Shaklee nutritional products