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What is Pure Fit Pal?



Optimal health and a well-balanced, healthy body should be a top priority for us all.  The truth is, most of us wait until we need treatment instead of taking preventative measures.  PURE nutrition is the most important factor.  For decades, we've both seen the difference that a clean meal plan, adequate hydration, removing artificial ingredients from our diets, and even eliminating chemicals/toxins from our homes has made in our bodies.  We want to help others find the same benefits, and our mission is to show you how do do the same.  That process becomes even more simple with Shaklee products as a supplement to your meal plans.  You don't have to use these products to take part in our services, but it's recommended based on their quality versus other options.



We design FIT plans to FIT your life. Everyone needs to feel comfortable at a gym, but not everyone does.  We all need a balanced level of physical activity to remain in good health.  We take the guess-work out of your fitness plan.  You'll get a 90-day plan based your goals, with different options for weekly workouts & nutrition plans that will build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  No more paying a trainer hundreds of dollars a month with limited results.  We've spent years coaching others to reach their goals. Our passion is to help you make wellness a priority in your life.  You provide the effort, and access to a standard gym...we'll provide the plan.



No matter what your goal, everyone needs help to achieve that goal. Your PAL will be giving you plans based on our combined knowledge in areas of exercise & nutrition.  Our plans are basic lifestyle conditioning designed for the average person who needs a plan to feel comfortable at the gym while knowing what to eat to produce a well-balanced, healthy body. 

We practice what we preach.  Brandon has been a trainer for 20+ years with a Masters in Exercise Physiology.  Sheree studied nutrition, a trainer, and group fitness instructor.  Even as we age into our 40's, we are fitness competitors in both physique and bikini.  

At some point, we all have to prioritize our health.  The good news is it's never too late to begin.  We'd love to help you begin your wellness journey today!