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Thanks to a moderate exercise plan and a big focus on nutrition (with Shaklee products) created by PureFitPal, I was able to get in my best shape since college and lost 60 pounds.  I have more energy and feel great.  I now compete in triathlons on a regular basis, and lead a much healthier lifestyle.



My whole adult life, I’ve been so intimidated by the gym. I’ve had a trainer before, but it still made me sort of insecure. This program with the short videos has given me so much confidence!!  I feel comfortable  because I can watch the “how to" before I try to do it. It’s just completely changed my security at the gym. I know what to do and how to do it.  I get every benefit of a personal trainer. So basically, thanks for changing my life. 



 I lost 46lbs in 5 months by sticking to the exact plan created for me, including a custom meal plan, detoxing with the Shaklee Healthy Cleanse, and weekly workouts.  With the help of PureFitPal, I went from being a guy that lifted weights for fun to becoming a physique competitor. Their attention to detail and  dedication to their clients were impressive.  It gave me exactly what I  needed.  



Changing my lifestyle to include Shaklee products along with daily workout routines and healthier eating has enabled me to drop over 25 pounds.  More importantly, it made me stronger, healthier, and overall more fit than I've been in over a decade.  



I lost @100 pounds over a 2 year span, and more importantly, I've kept the weight off.   Accountability, Training, and my daily Shaklee Life Plan helped get me to where I am today.  I now have a plan I can stick with.



Since changing to Shaklee supplements 5 years ago, my blood work has come back perfect and my energy has really come alive. I started CrossFit about 18 months ago at the weight of 264 and today weighed in at 225. I have only just begun my journey, but it's the Shaklee supplements that really help me recover. Super thankful for PureFitPal's presence in my family's life. 

Client Quotes

Carol - 38

While I’ve definitely lost weight, it's more about what I've gained in the process. Thanks to the tailored training and nutrition advice, I've gained physical/mental strength and confidence.  I've grown to love exercising and made significant lifestyle changes. The workouts continue to be exciting, diverse, and always challenging! I can't say thank you enough for the positive impact it’s made on my life!    

Stephanie - 41

I have been very impressed by PFP’s passion to help clients change their lives.   The knowledge, ability to connect with clients, and skills in formulating custom work outs that are unique and challenging truly set them apart from other trainers, apps, etc.  They truly care about creating a healthier you, and they combine training and Shaklee nutrition to achieve results.      

Erin - 38

I've been using PureFitPal for just over a month now.  I could tell a difference in just a week with how much better I felt, and the results are starting to show too.  Having a guide on what to eat and how to train is awesome.